Repair Bathroom and Toilet: How to do it and what to worry about

Bathroom Remodeling

The Bathroom Remodeling combination with the toilet is a very topical issue. Many people live in small apartments, where each centimeter of free space is worth the weight of gold. In special conditions, a separate toilet and bathroom are an inevitable luxury, but it is also possible to combine a spacious bathroom with a bursting partition wall.

Examples of remodeling works can be found on the Internet or encountered in magazines about construction topics. But not always, the picture corresponds to reality. Therefore, before beginning the repair, you must carefully evaluate your strength.

Where do you start?

Demolition of the barrier between the bathroom and toilet, this is nothing else to restore the apartment. Therefore, repairs must begin with the collection of the documentation permit. For this purpose, it is necessary to invite employees for housing and communal services and BTI, approve the work plan and make appropriate changes in the official schedule of the apartment. Only after that can the transformation of the combined bath with the toilet into one bathroom.

The technical side looks like this:

  • The barrier between the bathroom and the toilet is dying.
  • Levels of floors and walls. The floor can be aligned with a concrete screed.

Tip! Before lying on the floor of the final coating, it is necessary to apply a waterproofing layer. For this purpose, you can use bitumen or resins. The replacement of water and sewage pipes is being made. Usually, they are not designed for a combined bathroom.

Before starting the repair, it is necessary to plan the design of the room and determine with water. This will help in the proper execution of pipelines and install electrical outlets and switches. In spite of the fact that the bathroom in the bathroom will be significantly larger, it is necessary to properly postpone the resulting reconstruction using a meter. Otherwise, any repairs would make no sense.


At this stage of repair, you have to consider a lot of shades. This one cannot empty the wash toilet next to the main vertical. However, the shell and bath can be placed anywhere. Even if there is a catastrophic lack of space in the combined bathroom, try to wash the washing machine in the kitchen or place it under the washbasin. This will allow you to discover a bit of free space. The water supply for the combined bathrooms must be selected with special care. It should be compact, functional and perfectly integrated into the design.


Pay attention to angular Bathroom Remodel. They are very conveniently located in the corner of the premises, without the need for a lot of space. But such toilets are not suitable for “Khrushchev”, where the sewer pipes and pillars are located on the walls of the carriers that cannot touch. In this case, you can give priority to hinged models.


It all depends on your preferences and tastes. It makes sense to walk around the nearest water shops and get acquainted with the assortment. The only criterion to be considered when choosing a shell is its size and design. Small sink, suitable for the style of the rest of the waterworks, is the best option for a small bathroom.


It is not necessary for the walls to go to the bathroom with the toilet. It is best to limit yourself to one hinge, which will store the dishes. If you decide to leave the bathroom, pay attention to the products that are built into the wardrobe. This will save space and keep it at your fingertips for washing, and other household chemicals. The installation of a separate toilet for the counter is unlikely to succeed. Basically, a useless thing for you takes up too much space. Therefore, water and pipe counters are usually hidden underneath the wall panel leave a small door for removing indications and possibly overlapping water.


In addition to repairing and installing waterworks in the bathroom with toilet, it makes sense to think about the aesthetic side of the question. In the bathroom, the person spends no less time than, say, in the kitchen or in the hallway. It is therefore worth paying attention to the bathroom decoration. Here you can use the style finish option that corresponds to the overall design of the apartment or goes the opposite and reproduces the contrast.

The ceiling can be cut with plastic plates. This is the most economical but also the short-term option. Therefore, it is easy to apply water-emulsion paint or try to install a wall-mounted ceiling. The second option fits almost every interior. Ceramic tiles or mosaics are usually used for walls. It is advisable to choose soft and soothing tones, for example, blue or green. But you can use contrasting colors, which will create a visual effect of more space. There are no rigid criteria for selecting a tile, focus on your taste and financial possibilities. The most important thing is to use glue from moisture when finishing walls.

The floors can also be covered with tiles. But recently, lush floors have become very popular. This allows you to hide the inequality of the floor at the initial repair stage, which eliminates the need for alignment. In addition, liquid floors look great in any room and are much faster than other types of floor coverings. A large mirror can be placed above the sink. This approach also allows you to widen the visual boundaries of the room. Alternatively, you can use hinged mirrors.

Tip! Regardless of the style of dressing in combination with the Bathroom Remodel, the water supply should fit into the style of interior decoration. In addition, it should be arranged in a certain order. The most common arrangement of the arrangement: washbasin, toilet, and bath. Items are listed in the order of removal from the input.