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8 Creative ideas to optimize the empty space between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling

Kitchen Cabinets

Many kitchens have this space and in almost all, it only serves to collect dust. Here are ten creative solutions suitable for every type of need to make the most of this space! You need to utilize the Space above Kitchen Cabinets in that case now.

Add a touch of personal style by choosing a different color that brings out the cabinets and the ceiling. The kitchen will immediately become very elegant. An advice from Pros: choose large pictures to create a clean optical effect. Small things together can be visually cumbersome.

1. Think of a blackboard

You could use this space to throw down the menu of the week, your favorite recipes or the shopping list!

2. Make room for your cookbooks

Move your recipe books from the living room and create a special space in the place where you actually need them. With a small ladder, you can get them and put them away easily.

3. Move the wall units to attach them to the ceiling

In small kitchens, all available space counts, especially the vertical one. Recovered this space, you could add new shelves under the wall units.

4. Add shelves above

Find the extra space you need to put away household appliances or tableware with one or two shelves above the cabinets.

5. Make your personal wine shop

Because the space for wine at home is never enough you can easily decorate them on the Space above Kitchen Cabinets.

6. Cover the space

If dusting is not your passion, cover the space and forget about it.

7. Create a small “showcase”

The right space to display collectibles and antiques.

8. Do not be afraid to call a professional

If any part of the project becomes too difficult for you, call a professional. You can request and compare free estimates for different services available. Indicate what you are looking for and receive personalized quotes from professionals in your area!

Except for these creative ideas you can use the space above kitchen cabinets to store your daily use materials too. A shelf or a suspended unit can be used for lighting and to integrate the hood above the worktop, but it can also be used to store a whole series of objects, keeping them handy. These suspended solutions optimize the available space and allow you to put your favorite objects in plain sight.


Thanks to this multi-purpose suspended solution, the cookware is placed above the kitchen island and close to the hob. In addition to integrating the hood and recessed spotlights to illuminate the island from above, it provides all the necessary space for the casseroles and trays. And the wood and metal frame blends with the rest of the kitchen, as well as with the sliding doors from the aluminum frame.

Table service

The suspended wooden unit is a prominent feature in this open plan kitchen and living area and is used to safely store crockeries, such as cups, bowls, and dishes. Both natural wood and ceramic objects are crafted and adapt to the essential Scandinavian style of the room. If dishes, glasses, and vases deserve a little more attention, a suspended solution can transform them into a distinctive element of the kitchen with a restaurant atmosphere.

Bottles and glasses

This suspended solution is for home entertainment. In the apartments space can be very precious, so instead of finding more space or buying other furniture, a solution suspended above the kitchen island can also be used as a bar. In addition to holding glasses and bottles of alcohol, it provides functional lighting that creates atmosphere above the island. The support of the suspended unit is well fixed in the ceiling to support heavy loads.


More like a ladder than a hanging shelf, this solution is perfect for hanging pots and pans. The cumbersome cooking and baking utensils often take up precious space in the drawers and kitchen cabinets, while this suspended solution keeps them high and in order with a series of simple hooks.

Potted plants

A suspended solution does not necessarily have to be used only for kitchen utensils, but it can also be a shelf for climbing plants. The green leaves and the terracotta pots soften the black and wooden worktop and the clean and shiny edges of the suspended unit and the stainless steel hood, giving the kitchen a bit of life and color. The lighting for the work surface is also integrated into the suspended solution.


The unit above the island of your kitchen has an open end where garlic is stored and could easily be used for other foods and ingredients or for cookbooks, like its lower counterpart. The wooden unit also houses the hood and recalls the wood present in the rest of the kitchen.

Various things

If you like collages then you can arrange various things like candlesticks, vases, carafes, and baskets. It is for all the things you need and is not necessarily used every day, and the functional layout gives personality to a minimalist kitchen.