How Can I Get the Most Out of My Backyard Space?

Backyard Space

Many people aren’t utilizing their backyard space, which is a shame! While not all backyards are big enough for a pool or entertaining large groups of guests, they still could be used for smaller groups of friends and even some storage, if you’d like! The key to maximizing your space is deciding what purpose you’d like it to serve. Do you like hosting neighborhood barbecues? Do you enjoy gardening? Do you need more organization in your life? Do you have children that use your backyard? There are so many things to take into consideration when planning your outdoor space, so make sure you’ve thought everything out before buying anything.

Maximize Seating

By having great seating in your space, you’ll be maximizing your backyard in the best way possible. Most yards big or small can accommodate some type of seating, so this is a good tip no matter the size of your yard. If you have a bigger space, consider a large table and chairs for entertaining. Eating outside is especially fun in the warmer months. In addition, having more dining space can help you when you’re hosting large gatherings that can’t be contained fully inside your home.

If you prefer something besides chairs and a table, consider a set of stylish Adirondack Chairs. They come in many different styles. Adirondack chairs look amazing on a porch or deck and have a beautiful classic look. They also come in many colors and are sure to fit in any of your outdoor spaces well.

If you’d prefer a place to sit with a table, grab a smaller patio set. It’s perfect for sitting and enjoying your morning coffee or having a conversation with a good friend. These sets are great in spaces big or small but make sure you check the sizing of your space as well as the set before purchasing. No one likes cramped seating.

Utilize Large Storage

One of the best ways to use your backyard is to add an outdoor storage shed. They come in several different styles, colors, and sizes. They will look amazing and blend in well with the neutral tones of your outdoor space as well. Many of these larger sheds feature double doors so you can move items in and out with ease. They also fit everything from gardening equipment to holiday decor inside so you can declutter your storage room, garage, and more. If you have a pool, a larger shed would also make great pool storage for all of your pool toys and supplies!

Utilize Smaller and Hidden Storage

If you don’t have the room for a larger shed, or you’re looking for something a little smaller, there are some great options to consider. A smaller shed that fits against the side of your home is a great option to consider. It’s big enough to hide your big outdoor trash cans from street view, but it’s not nearly as big as the larger sheds. In addition, it fits beautifully nestled next to your home. It’s also great for storing gardening equipment, bikes, and any other outdoor items. Many of them also have a spot for a lock if you’d like added security.

If you’d like storage that isn’t a shed, consider a deck storage box! Deck boxes come in several different sizes and many even feature a soft close feature so little fingers won’t get pinched. This storage solution looks gorgeous when placed on a deck or patio and can hide clutter glamorously.

If you’re looking for something even smaller that has hidden storage, a storage bench is a great option! It has a place for you to sit with discreetly hidden storage under the seat. It’s great for patio cushions or grilling tools. If none of these is the right fit, though, you might want to consider something even smaller and more hidden. Coffee storage tables are another amazing and discreet option. They are great for storing all of your loose patio and deck items. The best part is, that no one will even know the coffee table doubles as storage!

Make sure you Have Shade

Having a backyard that gets very little shade might inhibit you from using your yard. So, if you don’t have shade, create it. Consider installing a cabana, or awning, or getting a large umbrella. If you decide to get an umbrella, a great way to make it look better is to get an umbrella holder or a box that goes around the bottom of the umbrella. That way it’ll look better, and you’ll have a makeshift end table to keep your drinks and snacks on while you sit.

Plant a Garden

Gardening can be a great way to spruce up your backyard and utilize the space. While it can take some work, gardening can mean gorgeous plants and flowers and even sometimes produce as well as herbs. If you’re looking to plant a smaller, more controlled garden, a small raised garden bed or planter are great options. Many of these garden beds include water gauges and reservoirs as well as easy drainage. They are a great place to grow smaller plants and herbs. They’ll also look amazing on a deck, patio, or porch and can even be used indoors if you prefer!

If you’re looking to grow your own fruits and vegetables, you’ll want something bigger like a large raised garden bed. Look for ones that are BPA-free and easy to assemble. Many of these garden beds come in neutral colors that will look great with your surrounding yard and plants.

Grilling Station for Entertaining

Are you the grilling king? Then your backyard needs a great grilling space. While of course, you need your favorite grill, you can also add in some extra prep space for your award-winning hamburgers and hot dogs. An outdoor utility cart is great to give you some more preparation space. It can also be used as a table if you need more places for people to eat.

Toys for your Kids

If you have kids and a big enough yard, consider getting a playset. It’s great to have one of these in your own backyard for days that you might not be able to make it to the park. It also allows your kids more space to play which means more free time for parents to lounge on their new patio set!

When maximizing your outdoor space the most important thing is to decide what you want to use the space for in the long run. Once you know that, you’ll be all set to plan out the backyard of your dreams.