How to renovate a garage

Renovate a garage

How to renovate a garage, this is not an impossible question to answer nowadays. Garage repair is a complex of construction and finishing works, the volume and quantity of which directly depends on the initial condition of the structure and the owner’s purposes in terms of its further operation. A high-quality, reliable repair will not only improve its appearance or interior space, but also preserve the structural elements of the roof, walls and foundation of the building. In this article, you will get to know how to renovate a garage yourself.

Preparatory work

Types of repair work, the timing of their implementation and estimated costs are determined after a preliminary survey of the garage, the evaluation of all structural elements, finishing the facade and premises. Also, the comfort in the garage, the temperature in the winter season or in the summer period, the influx of clean air and the state of other utilities, in their presence: heating, ventilation, sewage, etc., are analyzed.

To answer the question how to renovate a garage, you first need to determine the type of repair it requires. It is desirable to sketch out the work plan, on the basis of which it is possible to calculate in advance the necessary quantity of materials and tools. It is very convenient when everything is at hand.

It does not matter which repair works are planned by the owner of the garage, it is necessary to prepare the object for unhindered access to all structures. To do this, the machine is temporarily left for parking, items, parts and other items must be moved to the inspection pit or moved in one corner, covered with a special film.

Warming Garage

In the climatic conditions of many regions of the country, garage owners who are confuse about how to renovate a garage themselves, they need to address the issue of additional insulation of the building with utmost care. The fact is that the insulation work must be carried out before finishing works. Qualitative warming of the garage will create the necessary conditions for car storage, comfortable microclimate for repairing the machine and will keep the main structural components of the building from dampness, condensation, rot, fungi and other problems.

Modern domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a wide range of different materials for thermal insulation, which can be selected for performing work outside the building or inside it.Work on the integrated warming of the garage is carried out from the roof, then proceed to the walls, the floor and the cellar. You can use any kind of materials, the main thing is to observe the technology of work execution, adding a steam and waterproofing insulation. It is necessary to pay attention to the thermal insulation of the doors in the garage, through which 20 to 30% of the heat from the box can escape.

Roof Repair

The need to repair the roof construction is obvious. These are numerous leaks and streaks, the appearance of condensate in large quantities and other problems. The technology of work depends on the type of construction. Pitched roofs are repaired, usually with the use of previously used material. On flat roofs, new materials and compounds can be used.Only after repairing the roof can you begin work inside the garage.

Wall repair

The outer finish of the garage, as a rule, is carried out with the help of dyeing, which is carried out over a prepared, plastered surface. The preparation of the walls consists of sealing the cracks, leveling the chips and potholes, applying the primer and the starting layer of the plaster. Today, decorative plastering of walls is very popular, and all thanks to excellent quality properties, durability and strength. In addition, it is easy to apply and does not require a carefully prepared surface.

As an alternative to facing the facade, you can use a tile for brick, siding, and any ready-made slabs for outdoor work. Such coatings will serve the garage owner for many years without requiring repair and additional care.Internal walls are repaired by any practical materials: plastic panels, OSB plates, gypsum fiber or chipboard. Beautifully looked and practical in everyday use decorative structural plaster, this is not afraid of high humidity and significant temperature changes.

In the garages located in the house or adjacent to them, in which the heating is provided in winter, the walls can be laid out completely or 2/3 with ceramic tiles of any format and design. The main indicator of the material is moisture resistance.

Floor Repair

The leveling of the floor surface in the garage is carried out with a traditional screed, the thickness of which should exceed 3 cm, so that cracks do not appear during the operation of the box. On the finished screed, it is possible to make a bulk polymer coating, to lay a high-quality non-slip tile or to organize a special base with the addition of marble chips. Repair of engineering systems: electricians, ventilation and heating is carried out in compliance with existing standards, fire and environmental safety.

Hope after reading this article you will not be confused if you are asked about How to renovate a garage.