Finding the right wardrobe for your bedroom

Bedroom Closet

The choice of bedroom closet is essential to define the bedroom in every sense. In spatial terms, they will occupy a significant part of the environment. In functional terms, because inside they will find clothes, linens, blankets, towels. In aesthetic terms, because the design of the wardrobe will characterize, informing it, the style of the bedroom in general.

The solutions for materials and design for bedroom closet are almost endless. One thing to take into primary consideration is certainly the quality of the structures, on which the efficiency and the duration over time depend. In fact, it is not a question of structures to change often, so it is necessary to choose carefully.

As for the load-bearing structures, the best are those made of solid wood, solid and durable over time. The choice, then, it will depend on the space available, of which we will have to know precisely not only the measurements but also the arrangement of the main light sources, the power sockets, doors, and windows. In this sense, also the aesthetic choices, of color and shade, will have reflections in terms of the perception of the space: bright and vivid colors, besides the glance, serve to enlarge the space. Much attention must be paid to the price, of course, to be assessed also for the quality of transport and assembly services and punctuality. So we just have to see together the advice that expert offers you in this article of ideas to help you choose the wardrobe for your bedroom.

1. Take advantage of the space configuration

The configuration of the space, as mentioned, is very important in the choice of a bedroom closet. In this case, it determines the design of the wardrobe, whose upper part follows that of the ceiling, integrally integrating into the environment, with modular doors of different heights that fully exploit the architectural structure of the bedroom. The expense, in the case of custom cabinets, is destined to grow, but it is a long-term investment, and therefore to be amortized over the long term.

2. The cabinet to divide and combine

The cabinet arrangement can also be used to determine the configuration of the bedroom space. The wardrobe can become a key element for dividing and uniting portions of the bedroom to be used both as a real partition or to animate a wall. To be evaluated carefully also the color, to make the most of the decorative and aesthetic possibilities also in functional terms.

3. Modular elements and open structure

The modular structures, are a very interesting alternative to the classic wardrobe, to be evaluated both because they can adapt to any space, and because they can become a convenient choice from an economic point of view, for the lightness of the elements and the possibility to add elements according to the needs, and therefore to invest in a targeted manner and only when necessary.

4. The designer wardrobe

To make your bedroom unique, you can opt, when possible, for a designer wardrobe. Spending goes up, but quality and uniqueness are worth a greater investment. As in the designer wardrobe models, you will find uniqueness and productivity both and they are able to enrich the space style without forgetting functional needs. It’s a way to immediately establish the atmosphere of the bedroom, enriching it with unique details, such as the customizable handles that characterize the wardrobe.

5. Beware of color

The choice of color, as mentioned, is very important for several reasons. The bedroom is the place for rest and the colors have a decisive influence on the quality of rest. The soft colors are often the most suitable, but even the bright ones can be exploited, especially for the nursery. Combinations such as red, white and blue, in fact, contribute to a relaxing and lively at the same time.

6. The bridge wardrobe

The choice of the bridge structure for the wardrobe makes it possible to respond to the need to furnish small rooms that they must know how to transform. This is often the best solution both from a functional and economic point of view because the offer is vast and allows you to find solutions suitable for every type of budget.

How to Buy the Wardrobe

The first advice to prepare for the purchase of a wardrobe is to draw on a sheet of paper a scale plan of the bedroom, with the precise measurements of the space that will occupy the wardrobe, including the height from the ceiling (very important for example in types of housing such as lofts or mezzanines).

Before starting to choose the wardrobe, let’s take a couple of considerations:

  • How many clothes and how many accessories do we own?
  • How many people will use the closet?
  • How much space can remain in front of the wardrobe?


At this point, after answering these questions and looking at the scale, we can decide the future dimensions of the wardrobe and the type of opening (swing, book or sliding, reminding us that the swing requires more space, that a book with less space and the sliding space is definitely space saving).

To measure the width of a wardrobe, usually, the “doors” are used: with two doors, three doors, etc. It should, however, be remembered that the size of a sliding door is usually greater than that of a swing door; in addition, the dimensions of the doors are never standard but vary from one brand to another.