Rug ideas to liven up your living room

Rug ideas to liven up your living room

Maybe at the moment when you put the first moving boxes in the living room, you decided that a nice, large rug was going to come near the couch. In the meantime that is already two years ago and there is still nothing?

It is also a big job, finding a carpet that fits perfectly into your home. Do you still want to see the floor or do not you want it, does a Persian carpet adorn that modern painting on the wall and are you not busy with those busy colors after a month? With these tips from home d├ęcor experts, you finally get out of those dilemmas and soon the perfect rug will be under your feet.

1. Measure

Always measure the space before you go shopping for a rug. The size of your future garment must match the space in which it will be located. Make sure there is a suitable distance between the carpet and the wall. In a traditional room, you can go for a large rug, in modern spaces small rugs are fun. Also in terms of atmosphere and feeling, you can pay attention to the size. In a warm room, you want to see some floor and do not need a large, thick rug. The other way around is that in a cold climate, where you get extra warmth from that thick garment and you do not need such a cold wooden or stone floor under your feet. Of course, in your country, you may experience enormous climate differences, but you can also think about the extent to which a large or small rug fits into your room. What do you want to achieve with the rug? Is it pure decoration or cosines?

2. Material

Do you want to make a sustainable choice? Then go for wool. Wool is easier to maintain than viscose, silk, and cotton. But you also often sit well with other materials. As long as you can wash the rug, it will always last a long time.

3. Design

A rug quickly forms the basis of a room. That’s why it’s smart to first choose a rug before you start dressing the rest of the room. If you felt addressed when reading the intro of these tips, it is probably already too late. But no man overboard, if you pay attention to what the rest of the room looks like, you can still make that choice. Especially when your room is already decorated, the golden rule for dressing is to choose: less is more. Go rather for a quiet dress that is distinguished by its beautiful structure, than for a colorful colored one. Except if your room is all white, but in that case, you probably never needed these tips.

4. Quality

Invest in quality. According to experts, a carpet is a labor, so art. A good rug can make your room.

5. Combine

Do you still not come out nor do you want to combine several rugs? Then it is best to take a larger, natural and rough garment as the bottom layer. Here you lay a smaller garment. The advantage of combining clothes is that you can save something on an expensive, vintage copy because you can take a small version. Another cheaper garment then fills the rest of the room. Be aware of the risk of stumbling with the different layers and consider making the carpets stick together.

Choosing the right floor carpet is sometimes very difficult. Type, material, size, color, and pattern: there are a huge number of points that you have to take into account.

A beautiful rug is available for every style of living. Make sure to alternate your interior with a rug in a completely different style! Do you want to go all the way with the trend of today or even tomorrow? Do you want your rug to stand out in space? Then go for a modern rug. Modern rugs are usually made of new types of materials, have bold color combinations and are not all rectangular or square. For example, a modern rug on a classic wooden floor is a perfect combination. Or try refreshing your bedroom with a modern rug. Please note that modern carpets are very trend sensitive. For example, some pronounced materials, colors, and shapes are difficult to combine with new furniture after a year.

Choose the most beautiful structure for your carpet

So many styles of rugs exist; so many carpet structures can be chosen. The structure of your carpet can also be very decisive for the style of your interior, also in a practical sense!

1. High pile rugs

Do you have a modern and sleek interior with, for example, stylish leather couch or high-gloss furniture? A high pile rug then brings warmth and contrast into your interior and gives a luxurious look. High-pile rugs have a looser pile composition than low-pile rugs and are available in both thin and very thick yarns.

2. Low pile rugs

Low pile carpets offer many advantages. They wear less quickly, can be cleaned easily, look sleek and can also bring just that one bit of luxury and cosines into the house. In addition, low-pile carpets are easy to maintain.

Conclusion: In short!

There are countless possibilities in the choice of your rug! If you still cannot get it … At some carpet stores, it is also possible to take home a number of carpets without obligation. Good luck!”