Keys to choose your bedroom closet

Bedroom closet

The bathroom closet is the most important furniture in a home and one of the main concerns when we move or look for a house: How many closets does the house have? Are they recessed? How many can we put? Thus, the most important thing is to choose the wardrobe according to our needs, although we will always be conditioned by two premises: the space available and the budget.

Depending on the space you will determine if the Bedroom Closet is going to be recessed (that allows us to gain meters) or not, the type of opening (the sliding doors are more comfortable in small spaces). Depending on the price, the type of materials and finishes you choose will vary fundamentally.

Once these two issues are valued, the third premise you are going to evaluate is the style, in search of the one that best suits the room: the colors, the materials, the form that best combines with the bed, the curtains. So, keep in mind that colors can help create a feeling of spaciousness.

On the other hand, if you have a bedroom with modern and informal airs, you can opt for riskier tendencies as the combination of two finishes (glass and lacquer, metal combinations). You can also choose a color that completely breaks with that of the walls. On the other hand, if you choose colored glass doors, you will turn it into the focal point of the bedroom.

In general, the material most used for the construction of cabinets is wood, but you can also choose melanin, which is cheaper and offers many different colors. On the other hand, it has also become very fashionable to put cabinets without doors. As for the interior, it is the most important part of the wardrobe, and its distribution should mainly seek functionality. Thus, when designing it, we must value, above all, the number of people who will use the wardrobe and the way in which we usually place the clothes that will go inside.

If you are looking for advice on how to choose the Bedroom Closet made to measure for you, here you are in the right place. Just follow a few simple steps to find the solution that best suits your needs.

What kinds are you?

If you are a true fashion victim, you love shopping and fashion is your reason for the life you will have to choose a large and super-equipped Bedroom Closet. In this way all your clothes and the infinity of accessories related to your wardrobe will have a precise location and dressing in the morning will be a walk for children. If instead for you dressing is a deadly bore and you need it just to be presentable, you could choose a wardrobe that is a little eccentric and particular, perfect to characterize every corner of the house.


After understanding your needs, you will be able to proceed with the measurements of the room in which you will enter the wardrobe. This furniture is usually 60 cm deep, while length and height are variable. If it is a small bedroom, it takes advantage of the space in height, but if space is large then chooses models that take up the entire wall or corner solutions.


How to choose a Bedroom Closet for a bedroom? If space allows it, it prefers the models of wall cabinets with hinged doors, which allow you to have a better view of the interior of the wardrobe. On the other hand, if space is limited, the sliding doors, which are in any case of great style, or the bridge wardrobes, are perfect, especially for children’s bedrooms.

Internal Accessories

The real difference in organizing the wardrobe is the interior accessories, which will allow you to make the most of every inch of this piece of furniture. The furniture brands offer different solutions, ready to satisfy everyone’s needs: compartments, additional drawers, jewelry boxes, and tie-holders, choose them according to the variety of your wardrobe.


On the market, the cabinets have a standard depth of 60 centimeters, a measure that must be taken into account for positioning.


Regarding the length, start from the smaller models, from 160 to 240 cm, called cabinets four seasons, up to 3 meters and more.


Even height is important: Whereas the dimensions required by law of a bedroom must provide at least 270 centimeters from the ceiling to the floor, it is useful for the correct air exchange that the’ cabinet is distant from the ceiling at least 15/20 around centimeters.


The dimensions of the doors then determine the size when opening. The hinged door generally measures 45 cm (to be taken into account when furnishing an attic as a low sloping roof may not allow complete opening of the doors), while in the presence of sliding doors it can also be up to 150 cm.