Reasons you need a glass staircase in your home

Glass Staircase

Glass stairs are on a solid advance. You see them coming back more and more often in interiors and office buildings, and with justice and reason. Playful glass staircases excel in their elegance, bring light into the home and are real design elements. Glass stairs give well-lit rooms in your home, shop or office building a modern and stylish look. In recent years, glass staircases have gained popularity, and that is not without reason: the staircase is translucent and therefore makes a room seem more optically larger. Moreover, a glass staircase is extremely strong and virtually insensitive to damage. You should pay attention to this with a glass staircase!

Glass stairs: elegant and sturdy

Are you not entirely convinced that a glass staircase is a good idea? That is not necessary at all! There are many arguments that argue in favor of glass stairs. That way they fit perfectly in the sleek, modern interiors that are very popular nowadays. Moreover, glass is a very versatile material. So you have a lot of freedom in terms of form, so your staircase is a unique piece anyway. Finally, glass stairs are very sturdy. Since only solid and reliable glass compositions are used, you do not have to worry about strength.

You choose the finish

Glass staircases also offer many possibilities for the finish. For example, you can choose between tempered, curved or screen-printed glass. You can put a lot of elegant accents with it, both in steps and in stair handrails. Additional advantage: glass stairs are very easy to clean. You do not lose much time with it.

Go for a glass staircase

Another nice fact: glass stairs obviously do not consist entirely of glass. The supporting structure is in fact made of metal. That obviously does not change the sleek, modern look of your glass staircase. Your staircase still looks open and spacious and is equally translucent. It is perfect to create special light effects.

The advantages of a glass staircase in your home

• Versatile: all types of stairs are possible

• Stairs with glass steps let a lot of light through

• The staircase can optically enlarge a room

• A glass staircase lasts as long as a wooden staircase

Price of a custom glass staircase

Glass stairs are always made according to your personal preferences and wishes. Every building and every room is different and therefore requires customization. At Glass stores they specialize in the design and installation of all types of glass stairs. They therefore gladly think along with you to determine the best solution for your situation. Would you like to make an appointment to discuss your wishes and ideas? Then you can call them and ask for quotations. A glass staircase is always made to measure and cannot be delivered in standard dimensions. So many companies offer free quote for you free of charge.

A glass staircase for each property

Stairs with glass steps are often used in modern office buildings, but are increasingly being introduced in shops and homes. Due to its unique properties, a glass staircase is an asset for all types of buildings.

1. House

A glass staircase is often used in modern, light homes, but it can also be perfectly integrated into a somewhat older house. Precisely because of the contrast that develops between ‘old’ and ‘new’, the staircase becomes a unique part of your home.

2. Store

Large, spacious stores are very suitable for installing glass stairs. The store retains its spatial appearance because of the transparency of the staircase, while a somewhat smaller store seems to be optically larger after placing a glass staircase.

3. Office building

By using staircases, stairwells or balustrades of glass in an office building, a lot of light is transmitted; this creates a lot of optical space. This gives a sense of calm and creates a modern and luxurious look.

4. The different types of glass stairs

In contemporary buildings, stitch stairs, spiral stairs, corner stairs and U-shaped stairs are often used. All these types of stairs can also be manufactured in glass.

5. Straight stairs

A stitch staircase is often called a straight staircase in the vernacular. The steps of a straight staircase all have the same size and shape, making it easy to walk. By making the slope steeper, the stairs can be shortened. A straight staircase is often used as a ‘floating’ staircase in the living room. The steps are then fixed to the wall on one side. A straight, floating glass staircase creates a unique and modern look.

6. Spiral staircase

In a spiral staircase, the steps rotate around a central pillar. A spiral staircase is very compact and therefore space-saving. In modern homes it is often made of glass; due to the transparency of the material, it does not cause an interruption of the space.

Conclusion: Ultimate service

In addition to designing and assembling glass stairs, Glass companies can also be used for repairs to your glass staircase. In emergencies they can even be on location within thirty minutes for a quick and professional repair of your stairs.