Quick and Simple Home Accent Ideas to Update Your Space

Modular living room furniture

Take your pick between pictures, notes, or stickers to change the mundane appearance and enjoy a creative intervention in your home decor.

It is in our hands to decorate our house according to the preferences that would match our mood and taste. You should walk into your house and always feel happy after a long day’s work. It cuts you off from the outside world and the associated tensions if any.

Style and taste are everchanging. Not always do you find yourself untransformed for years and this applies to the way you decorate and organize your space at home.

Our likes and dislikes are so temporal that maybe in 5 months you might want to alter your space at home. However, you must keep in mind that cost-effectiveness and less effort is sought for in the process of making such alterations.

There are quick and easy home interior solutions to make fixes to a favorite corner in your home or the entire house. You can always strive for home improvement with some creative and innovative ideas.

You might be totally in love with your home interior design yet be interested in adding accents to your space that enhances the style quotient of your abode. This depends on you but what you can do is to follow effective and efficient plans to update your corner.

Start with the Living Room

With plenty of choices in modular home furniture in Pune, there is room for accommodating your most preferred modules in a small space. This furniture is sleek and can easily fit into small spaces, making your rooms appear big and compact.

The key to decorating your living room is to not cram up the spaces with too many furniture. The easiest hack to make your living room impressive is to fill up the walls with paintings and other wall hangings.

You can be as creative as you want with re-decorating the home furniture in Pune that you have bought before the lockdown. To make it look even better, you can opt for replacing the wooden doors with glass doors to show the souvenirs off in a showcase.

It is profitable to buy wholesale modular furniture in Pune. It is even better to modify it in your way with art and craft to make it look creative and intriguing. However, it is best to consult your interior designer for ideas compatible with the furniture in your living room.

Light up your sitting area, decorate your cupboards and accentuate the display with beautiful fairy lights. Your favorite souvenirs will glow and look better if you surround the space with fairy lights.

Use double-sided tapes to stick the fairy lights around your wall hangings so that they light up the shape and the work of art. You can resort to pasting blue neon lights stickers that glow in the dark, all over your living room if your home interior design is inclusive of a false ceiling.

Create a Spacious Study!

The modular furniture manufacturers in Pune keep in mind that tables and bookshelves for a study must occupy less space and yet have plenty of storage sections, in the form of racks and drawers to keep your important files.

Place your worktable/ desk closest to the source of light so that you can read better. After situating and fixing positions, it is time for you to arrange your tabletop.

If you had been given an option to choose between a clean or a cramped-up space on your table, you shall surely opt for the former. Your workspace is sacred, and it must be kept clean and free of distractions to enhance your focus at work.

Add a soft board for home improvement. If you are studying or working at your study, you must remember to plan out your schedule. A soft board, in this case, becomes indispensable.

To make your soft board look creative, you can decorate the wooden pane with colourful stickers of your favorite superhero, Netflix series, or other décor items.

Your choice of décor depends on what is welcome in your corner. The design elements should also not make your work desk look cluttered This is just another method to light up your otherwise mundane and hectic schedule.

Right after your tabletop and the soft board, comes your shelves. You need to stack up the drawers with important files. You can add coloured stickers to the drawer depending on what kind of files it contains, whether medical, educational, or official. This will render your space more organized.

Coloured stickers would ensure that in a moment of urgency you will know exactly where to look for the documents you seek without wasting any time.

Modular furniture manufacturers in Pune have also made it easy for you to spot the right book at the right time by installing sliding glass doors for clear visibility and access.

You can create a much-loved library by cutting out sticky notes and shaping them to fill it in with the author’s name and the name of the book. Arrange your bookshelf alphabetically for an increased aesthetic look. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee on rainy days, reading your favorite book within the comfort of your home.

Spruce up the Bedroom!

There is nothing more interesting than transforming a dull bedroom with a healthy facelift. However, it is safest to settle for simplicity and comfort when it comes to your bedroom. Too many décor elements might deprive your bedroom of its relaxing flavor.

Remind yourself of the purpose of the room. You mainly take rest over there after a hard day’s work. So, choose soothing designs and consult your interior designer for the same.

You might want to choose matching colours for your curtains so that it suits the texture of your walls and colours of the modular home furniture in the bedroom. Colour combinations represent your personality.

If you have a space for photographs on the wall or for posters on your cupboard you can alter the shapes, sizes, and content of the same. Replace photographs or replace the frames on which you have pasted them.

You can also transform your bedroom space creatively by installing a hanging light over your bed. This might endure the mysticism that you want to enjoy before taking your sound nap.

You can use glow-in-the-dark stickers in the shape of stars, moon, universe, and the galaxy. Create an astonishingly soothing and intriguing atmosphere to sleep in. These additional accents might make it the best room on earth to comfort you on dark days.

Bedside tables are important, especially if you are a reader. You might want to read yourself a story before going to bed. So, consider investing in a bedside table that has a shelf to place your book in and also sufficient space to keep a light on for reading at night.

You can go for the plain yellow lights, as it provides strong illumination for you to read. Get yourself an aesthetic lampshade to prim up your bedroom and enjoy your experience to read under the shade before dozing off.

Side tables can also be very convenient to keep your spectacles and mobile phones safe. You can also decorate your side table with a 4-sided photo frame as a comforting reminder of your loved ones. Mix up the photos and change them around every now and then for a bit of fun.

Food for Thought

Modular Kitchen

If you delve deep into your daily routine, you might just notice that the kitchen is an indispensable area of the house. It either makes or breaks the day for you. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you were to make a dish within half an hour and find all the ingredients at the drop of a hat?

The solution to this is: begin with a system of DIY labeling across your modular kitchen furniture. Know where the salt, the crockeries, and the spices are, and waste zero time while preparing your meal.

Health and hygiene are of utmost importance and to maintain that, you must keep your kitchen clean. For this purpose, use easy-to-wipe clothes and appliances that can enhance the speed of cleaning your kitchen space.

You can fill up your kitchen with bright-colored containers to sort out where you have kept which spice. Colour coding is immensely helpful in case you don’t want to resort to traditional labeling.

Place your refrigerator in a corner of the kitchen and to make it look interesting, you can also choose to place your fridge magnets on it. It is a record of where you have been and the experience of your journey. When you grab your midnight snack at night, you might bump into distant memories from your journey.

A Dry Bathroom

Keep your bathroom safe and sanitized. Bathroom furniture in Pune brings up the final piece in a complete home improvement solutions package. Install a mirror-cum wardrobe in order to save space. It doubles up as a storage unit and gives your bathroom a compact look.

Keep the area clean, prim, and proper to avoid walking into a pile of clutter when you walk in to take a shower. More importantly, proper storage solutions will also help you save the mixing of items and spoiling of products.

There are plenty of budget-friendly and easy to implement home improvement ideas for you to explore. Spend some time reading up and exploring these beautiful accent ideas that will make you fall in love with your precious home all over again!

Aarti Kurbetti is the owner of Ap Interior, a leading modular furniture manufacturer in Pune, India. In this blog, Aarti is sharing quick and simple home interior design ideas to update your space. You can reach her by visiting the website www.apinterio.com