Modern Kitchen Ideas Everyone Want to Replicate

Modern Kitchen Ideas

When we think of modern kitchen decorative designs, we think of frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, modern kitchen features strong and clean horizontal lines in cabinets and counters, and a lack of accessories, with the natural beauty of the materials shining through.

Everyone opts to make the kitchen as part of their renovations in order to complete a custom look without a huge price tag. Even without a significant renovation, including new and modern cabinet can change the overall feel of the kitchen. So use modern styles of cabinetry and unique colors or tones to make your kitchen perfect and modern.

Rounded or straight countertop

The very first thing you need to decide is the shape of the countertop you want to place in your kitchen. There are different shapes and variations available on the market the most common of which is the countertop with straight lines. This countertop is suitable for modern style furnished kitchens as well as for those with minimalistic style. The slightly rounded countertop is suitable for kitchens furnished in vintage style, as well as those in coastal and provincial style because it gives cozier look to the kitchen.

Flat-paneled cabinets

The plain, smooth, and streamlined look. The hardware is quite sleek which complements plain cabinets. The selection of fittings is important in this design.

Install vertical shelves

Shelves don’t always need to be horizontal. In fact, horizontal shelves eat up a lot of space thus making a small kitchen crammed. Instead, the vertical cabinets help in using space more effectively. You can easily store the saucepans, chopping boards, and cooking dishes beside each other in such cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets

American appliances are much larger and bulkier than European appliances. European kitchen designs are considered as the most stylish designs. European kitchen cabinets are having high-class modern styles with a unique combination of colors. The cabinets used make proper utilization of space with a geometrical type of cabinets.

Adopt Perfect Layout Design

The layout design of your commercial kitchen plays an important part in obtaining & utilizing the space. IF you are planning to do high investment in your kitchen it is essential to go with a perfect layout design that will help the chef to prep food easily & quickly. Normally, the kitchen becomes so congested that it creates a hurdle for a chef to work comfortably.

Two-tone cabinetry: Sometimes two colors are blended in such a way that the overall look ambiance represents a modern look. The effective lightening throwing shades of colors are even more dashing. Two-tone cabinetry uses two basic modern combinations of shades such as one color for base coating and another on the top brings the contemporary twist to the kitchen. White color in combination with a mat color is the most modern approach of NYC citizens.

Italian Kitchen Design: In keeping with the “sleek” theme that’s essential to a modern design, choose faucets and fixtures that are equally spare, like offered by Cesar. Have a look on the website to select the best Italian kitchen cabinet designs. The different styling of tile with modern arts and vibrant colors will take away your heart and you might like to have all the designs.

Built-in appliances: space savers

The heavy kitchen appliances are exposed and give an unartistic look creating less space for your kitchen area. Whereas, built-in appliances are cloaked, giving your kitchen an aesthetic look with easy access.

The built-in appliances not only create extra space for your working counter and floor area and give a classy look to your kitchen. The smooth consolidated functionality of these appliances is not only easy to access but also easy to clean.

Fall ceiling lighting plan

In addition to installing ceiling lighting, add modern luxuries like under-cabinet lighting to your kitchen. We must plan a sunlight effect and artificial lighting. The light must be directly falling to the corners and must reach till the interior spaces of the cabinets.

Engineered countertops Granite tops or fine tiling is a durable but too old fashioned for a modern look. Engineered materials like Silestone, can be manufactured in a single color for a sleek effect mainly for sink and shopping areas.

Store Effectively

Most of the time the restaurant lacks in storing the organic food items properly. To store the food items effectively it is necessary to build the effective storage areas that preserve your food items safely. Split your commercial kitchen storage area into three categories. Non-food storage, dry storage, and cold storage.

Take Care of Hygiene

Your commercial kitchen should be clean and fulfill all the hygiene requirements in order to handle organic food effectively. The food items you prepare in your kitchen should be washed twice in order to remove bacteria.

Organize Meal Prep Area

The meal prep area is one of the most important areas of your commercial kitchen. Many organic dishes get finish in this meal prep area. Therefore, you need to organize your meal prep area to consume less time in the final finishing.

Storage units

Nowadays there are a variety of beautiful storage units which makes all the crockery easily accessible. Whether it’s a pullout, drawer, shelves for condiments and oil, cutlery trays, or pantry units, it’ll anyhow enhance your kitchen utility with a fabulous finishing to your kitchen. You can use your Garage space for storage purposes. Metal Garages are the best storage buildings.

The bottom trump cabinets provide shallow, deep storage space with well-built metal slides to keep your utensils. So when you pull the drawer, all the utensils will be fully visible. Pullouts can be used as a mini pantry, where you can keep jars, bottles, etc. pullouts are the best suggestion for a limited space kitchen, usually placed near the dishwasher.

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