How to decorate a farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen

Classic, elegant and comfortable, these three words are quite capable of explaining what an interior is in the style of a “farm”. Unlike other modern styles, this allows you to use a variety of various accessories and different furniture. That is why in such houses the coziness inherent in the village house is felt, and the individuality of the owners is clearly expressed. On the one hand rustic, with another minimalist – this cozy style gives you a Carte Blanche for the realization of your fantasies. In addition, the “farm” allow you to place all your collections and old things that you cannot part with. If you are thinking about how to decorate a farmhouse kitchen, there are some distinctive features near the interior in the style of “farm”, which you should consider in more detail.

The compatibility of the exterior design of the house with the internal

How to decorate a farmhouse kitchen, is this the question than is haunting you right you now. You must check the compatibility of the exterior and interior first. This style is very reverent applies not only to the interior design, but also the exterior. Everything should be in harmony: a birch tree outside the window, a wooden porch, and a cozy rocking chair by the fireplace. Only in this way is a special calming and relaxing atmosphere achieved. So do not forget about the veranda, front garden, balcony and patio, even if they are completely tiny. Fill your porch or veranda: place a comfortable garden furniture (or rocking chair), a pair of large flowerpots and hanging baskets of flowers, and plant a rose or other curling plant next to the pillars. Another effective way to make the facade of the house more comfortable is to hang a pretty lantern.

The predominance of the tree in the interior

Recently, wooden decoration materials and furnishings are the perfect answer for the question How to decorate a farmhouse kitchen. And for the “farm” style, the tree is the most faithful and useful helper, which helps make your home unique. Nowadays you rarely see walls covered with wooden lining, ceilings with wooden beams and painted wooden floors, and these are bright accents that immediately attract attention. Smell of resin – nice and homely – that’s the first that meets us on the verge of a freshly renovated farmhouse. The house, filled with wood, only becomes more beautiful over the years. For those who do not like to use wood in the interior, there is a natural stone, brick and even concrete. Just make sure that you feel comfortable with such “cold” finishing materials.

Very bright and cozy rooms

Remember that the roots of the interior in the style of “farm” come from the frugality of our ancestors and the choice of the most accessible materials. It used to be wood and stone. The outer and inner walls were often stained with plaster. And today the white color is one of the dominant ones for a farm house. This solution helped to increase the illumination of the house and save a little candles, however, even today it is possible to reduce the power consumption. There are other variants of the basic color: light beige, milky, cream shades. But if you want to recreate the authentic interior of a farm house of the 18th century, then use as much white as possible.

Cozy kitchen and dining room

The kitchen is the soul and heart of many houses, but for a farm house it is especially important. Most households can be seen right here. It is a zone of eating and a communication zone that sets the tone for the design of the whole house. The kitchen in the style of “farm a ” is filled with simple, bright and comfortable things. Neutral colors are chosen for the color scheme of the room, but bright accents are also welcome. It can be colorful kitchen utensils or furniture. It is made of massive countertops working area, islands and kitchen table. Return to the past open shelves under clay bowls, an old porcelain tea set and a faience sink. Do not hesitate to enter into the interior of old chandeliers and textiles of classical colors; this will enhance the feeling “from the good old times.”

Open shelves and cabinets

Are you still not satisfied and trying find out How to decorate a farmhouse kitchen? In the interior in the style of “farm” is dominated by large open shelves and cabinets with glass doors in wooden frames. This simple solution fully meets the style, allow you to quickly and inexpensively refresh the look of the room. Nothing forbids the use of completely different shelves (in color and style), so that the house looks exactly the way you want it. Just do not use too many colors – 3-4 is enough for a harmonious interior (and white is the predominant one).

So now you know how to decorate a farmhouse kitchen. If you decide to decorate the interior in the style of “farm”, then try to create a unique and boring interior. It is more important not the cost of objects of the situation, but the individuality. Believe, and with small expenses it is possible to receive the charming and cozy house where it will want to come back again and again.