Best Appliances to Make Your Kitchen Smarter

Kitchen appliances

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home! You do magic there and want this place to be as efficient as possible! It’s time for remodeling and getting high-tech appliances! We’ve got you covered!

Our team has talked to leading designers and chefs who travel around the world a lot and write their personal travel blogs. And they have shared with us some ideas and told what novelties people have in homes to make their chef games effective and easy!

So, here is a list of must-have appliances and improvements for your new kitchen!

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Did you notice that all the best parties, family gatherings, and even cocktails begin in the kitchen? Even the biggest introvert will admit that with favorite food and beverages, it is easier to overcome social anxiety.

Small kitchen appliances will certainly turn your kitchen into a warm and cozy place. If you don’t have time for cooking or you aren’t a confident cook, small kitchen appliances will be your best assistants and make things simpler.

So, if you ask us when is the best time to buy kitchen appliances, our answer will be — yesterday. It is so precious to have them in your kitchen that we wonder how it is possible that you still haven’t bought at least some of them. When you are inexperienced, choosing small kitchen appliances can be a bit overwhelming. But then you can turn to Kitchen Kickstarter projects to get some ideas.

Do you want a comfortable kitchen which is easy to use? Then you need some remodeling! Make this room easy to navigate. Buy new jars and containers for convenient storage. Think about whether your old cabinets are efficient enough. Maybe you need more of them? Or, contrary, what if remove all cabinets and install shelves to display commonly used items? And don’t forget about high-tech kitchen gadgets, which save your energy, time and, of course, kitchen space!

Here is our selection of the best kitchen appliances in 2019. Take it as a suggestion that can help you get an understanding of what to expect from your smart assistant. If this seems interesting, you should know that you don’t have to spend a fortune on it because there are a lot of best cheap air fryer options, as well as other exciting gadgets out there.

Amazing Small Kitchen Appliances

These are our suggestions for small kitchen appliances that seem to be best. We hope you will have a better idea of what you need after reading. Enjoy!

1. Smart Frying Pan

Smart pan is our favorite in the must-have kitchen appliances category. What we love about it is that once you connect it to the app, you will be getting instructions throughout the whole process. The only thing you need to do is predefine the desired result. When frying, choose whether you want your steak to be, rare, medium-rare, or well done.

After that, you will get precise voice instructions about the duration of the process and the right temperature. With a smart pan, there is zero chance for mistakes.

2. Air Fryer

If you compare frying pan and air fryer, you can say that air fryer is like younger generations that are trendier but also more health-conscious. With air fryer, you can eat fries and grilled meat without any guilt, because it doesn’t use any oil.

The best air fryer has different programs so you can toast, bake, steam, grill, and reheat the food. The advantages of compact kitchen appliances are that they come at affordable prices, but with larger units, you will have the opportunity to prepare a larger quantity of food. After our testers tried different products, we highly recommend air fryer with larger capacity suitable for making the food for family and friends.

For us choosing kitchen appliances was a long process because our priority is to serve you, but we must admit we enjoyed every moment.

3. Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show becomes a necessary part of every kitchen, whether you are a beginner or a professional. For those who reached an advanced level in cooking and feel more confident in the kitchen, Amazon Echo Show will play a favorite playlist. If you need video instructions while cooking, it will play recipe videos on voice command. It’s one of the convenient small kitchen appliances that are in charge of bringing fun to the cooking time.

4. Smart Mug

Can you imagine the morning without your favorite coffee or tea? For most of us, these morning moments are wonderful rituals close to a meditative experience. But how many times did you take the first sip of coffee and end up with a burnt tongue? With a smart mug, you can forget about these traumatic experiences. With temperature control, you can always adjust the settings from 120 F to 140 F that is ideal for warm beverages.

5. Smart Trash Can

Maybe you will wonder what can be smart about the trash can. Simple discoveries can be more useful than you can imagine. All these small kitchen appliances are so practical but also allow us to have more free time. A touch-free sensor trash can is a fantastic discovery because it guarantees a germ-free kitchen. Now you can open the trash can with voice or motion. Isn’t that amazing?


These are some of the best kitchen appliances for the money you will find on the market. Thanks to technological development, small kitchen appliances are available and affordable for everyone. Enjoying the meal without laborious work becomes our reality. Do you use some of these gadgets? What are your experiences?

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Elizabeth Barlettah is an interior designer that adores smart kitchen gadgets. She is a mother of two teenage girls, and she showed them how to use all the kitchen appliances. Elizabeth is passionately following all the tech news and trying to apply them in real life and writes about them at MyKitchenAdvisor.