7 Tips To Improve The Kitchen Area Of 9 Square Meters

Kitchen Remodel

Planning of a kitchen area of 9 square meters- the task however is not simple, but quite standard and solved. This material presents 10 tips for Kitchen Remodel.

The independent Kitchen Remodel design will help you to imagine the future situation, to play with the arrangement of the furniture, to plan the wiring and the lighting scheme, to see how the different textures and shapes will appear together.

Suggestion: the creation of a kitchen project must start with a sink and a stove (if it is gas), because these strategically important points are often left to the right places.

From the point of view of interior design, it is very useful to compose a collage of material samples (Material Board). To do this, you need to pin to a store-bought models card liked curtain and upholstery fabrics, wallpaper, floor and wall coverings, A4 sheet paints and so on. So you can understand how to combine textures and colors, fabrics and decorative materials in real life.

1. Observe the “work triangle” rule

When designing the future kitchen, try to place a sink, a stove and a fridge next to each other, but not too close together. This way you can create the most convenient space for cooking.

2. The best set – built-in and angle, height up to the ceiling

Perhaps, it is this headset configuration that will allow you to save the kitchen space and use it as efficiently as possible. An example of the height of the recessed and angular kitchen up to the ceiling is presented in the following photographic slide.

Tips for Kitchen Remodel:

  • For positioning in the corner of the sink, a convenient place to store things and to cook, it is better to choose a set with a trapezoidal angular pedestal;
  • Even household appliances (including a refrigerator) in a small kitchen should be incorporated and not separated, so the unit of all the façades will make the interior ordered.

If there is a desire and an opportunity, combine the kitchen with a balcony or the adjoining living room. If you need to overhaul the 9 square meter kitchen, why not in the process of integration with the living room or the balcony? Yes, redevelopment is not always possible, and its harmonization is rather annoying, but there is no more efficient way to increase the kitchen.If you like the idea of joining the balcony for the Kitchen Remodel, but its “legalization” is difficult (or unlikely), then you cannot disassemble the wall, and the only window and the balcony door, as shown in the picture below.

3. Instead of a hinged door, install a sliding door or reshape the door in an arc

The swing door takes up a lot of space, so make repairs in the 9-square kitchen. Think of replacing it with a more compact sliding structure. In addition, you can redo the door in an arch or simply leave it without doors, after you have only issued the plates.Align the floor, walls or ceiling; try to minimize the room as little as possible. The floor is better leveled with a self-leveling mortar rather than a cement screed.

As for the ceiling of the kitchen in standard height of 2.5-2.7 m is to abandon hinged construction, because even with the installation of false ceilings minimum altitude loss will be about 5-7 cm. However, sometimes without construction hinged in a small kitchen is not to be dispensed. So, a box of drywall can hide under it a conduit of air from an extract and other communications that clutter the space.

4. Decorate the interior with bright colors

If redevelopment and radical changes in the kitchen are not part of your plans, you can increase it visually, decorating the interior in a light or neutral range. White, beige, cream, light shades of blue, gray and green do not dampen the light of day; make the room more spacious and even tidier in appearance.

5. Create uniform lighting

In the kitchen not hanging a single ceiling chandelier – the central light will create shadows and further restrict the room. Increasing it will help additional lamps, for example, in the dining room and, of course, in operation.

Tip: do you want to furnish the interior of the kitchen in a modern way? Hang the candelabra not in the center of the ceiling, but directly above the table.

6. Choose a functional but bright table

Folding tables are a salvation for small kitchens, where guests are often received. In this case, keep in mind that the tables and chairs are better for choosing lungs, weight and vision.


  • The most compact shape of the table top for a dining table is rectangular or square.
  • If you do not often receive guests, you rarely eat at home and live alone or together, why not put in place of the luggage rack? It will allow you to save more space.

By the way, you can decorate the kitchen dining room, and then you can keep things under its place.