The Dangers That Dirty Air Filters Pose To Indoor Air Quality


Studies have shown that average Americans like to spend 90% of their time at home. That said, it is important that you feel comfortable indoors, especially when the weather is hot. Even if you prefer to stay at home, it does not mean that you are immune to pollution. In fact, you are still going to expose yourself to indoor air pollution if you do not take some measures to keep the indoor air clean. This is why it is essential to hire an AC repair Dallas technician.

If you own an air conditioner, you are most likely to contract diseases due to indoor air pollutants. These diseases may include allergy, headaches, breathing difficulties, asthma, and dizziness. When you are prone to sickness, you could miss work or school. The good news is that even if you own a cooling system, there are still measures you can do at home to improve your indoor air quality.

Out of all the components of your cooling system, your air filters are the carrier of dust, debris and other types of air pollutants. Just imagine the number of pollutants that will accumulate every month if you do not clean your air filter regularly. For homeowners who give importance to the health of their family, regular AC maintenance should not be ignored. Your air filters will not be efficient enough because of dirt and dust build-up. There are many types of air filters you can purchase.

These are mini pleated filters, rigid cell filters, automatic roll filters, disposable panel filters, bulk media, and pre-cut pads, and medium and high-efficiency bag filters. Regardless of the type of filter, you are going to use, make sure that you make it a point to replace or clean them regularly. Filters will not clean themselves. Without regular cleaning, you can restrict proper airflow and put a strain on your cooling system.

When it comes to choosing an HVAC air filter, the filter efficiency will always be a determining factor. You should know how your chosen air filter is capable of removing the contaminants that are affecting your indoor air quality. The dust and lint can clog your heating and cooling coils if your filter is not efficient enough in blocking them.

When you have low-efficiency filters, you cannot easily remove pollen, soot, bacteria and even small particles at home. With medium and high-efficiency filters, your air conditioner will be able to remove particles and keep your indoor air quality problems at bay. Modern filters also have features that can ensure that your home will not suffer from indoor air pollution. A filter that can resist the growth of bacteria is the way to go.

Modern filters, these days have the ability to resist shedding so fibers that accumulate in your HVAC coils are removed. As a result, you and your family will be able to breathe clean indoor air. Manufacturers of air filters also set industry standards to make sure that your air filter is capable of maintaining clean indoor air. Aside from checking the features of your air filter, you should also look into the other aspects like temperature compatibility, flammability, and moisture resistance.

These features are essential in getting the most out of your air filter. Your air filters also need proper maintenance and it is also necessary to keep your ductwork clean. Find out about the specific intervals for changing your filters. The manufacturer can provide you recommendations regarding the replacement. Be sure to adhere to their recommendation.

Do not let a dirty air filter affect your indoor air quality. Your air filter, like other components of your cooling system, needs tender loving care. While you may not always focus your attention on your air conditioner, it is about time you should so it will continue to provide you cold air for years.

Even simple steps can make a lot of difference in improving the quality of your indoor air. You cannot afford to skip air filter maintenance as they are essential in extending the life of your air conditioner. When you and your family are sick because of poor indoor air quality, you can blow off your savings on medical bills. Spare yourself the headache by keeping your air filter clean. Schedule maintenance by calling Hooper Plumbing to keep your air conditioner in top condition.