Plumbing Emergencies: What to Do When Disaster Strikes

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There isn’t much we can do to stop Mother Nature from striking. You might be surprised to learn just how much a natural disaster can impact your house even if it doesn’t physically damage it. Even if an earthquake or tornado happens miles away, your house, particularly your plumbing system, might suffer consequences. These are just a few ways that a natural calamity might turn your plumbing into a headache for you and perhaps need Brea Plumber:

Make Your Water Supply Contaminated

Sewage or potentially toxic substances might enter your water line as a result of an earthquake shaking loose sewer and water lines, among other things. Moreover, a powerful storm may result in ruptures or runoff that transports dangerous substances from one place to another and into a water source. To address this, you can fix or strengthen your system, however the issue may still exist. Your water supply will be highly affected for a longer time if contaminants are left inside the pipes. You could need to repipe specific areas of the property or the whole thing, depending on how serious the problem is.

Weaken the Plumbing System

Your home can sustain damage from an earthquake or a powerful storm even if it is not in the direct line of fire. Your pipes may shake and become loose due to the movement of the ground, including earthquakes, strong winds, and even major floods rolling over the land. It might eventually result in leaks or it could result in water pressure variations that put strain on your pipes and weaken them over time.

Several months after the natural catastrophe has gone, you might not even be aware that your plumbing has been impacted. By that time, you could have multiple failing pipes, and you might need to spend money on major repiping in Brea, if not whole-house repiping.

Immediate measures to be taken when disaster strikes:

Turn Off Your Main Water Shutoff Valve – The first thing to do in a plumbing issue is to shut off the nearby water supply. After completing this, locate your main water shutoff valve and close it. Follow the water lines to this valve, which is normally found in the utility room or basement. It’s crucial to become familiar with this valve and be able to shut it off in an emergency. Once you’ve found it, you should regularly check to make sure it’s functioning correctly. This will make it possible for you to swiftly and efficiently turn off the main water supply in case of an emergency.

Use duct tape for temporary sealing – Duct tape or pipe sealing tape is a quick and simple way to temporarily cover any breaks or leaks in exposed pipes. For metal or plastic pipes, duct tape is a fantastic option since it may exert enough pressure to stop tiny leaks until a qualified plumber can intervene. It’s crucial to remember that this is only a temporary solution; if the problem persists or becomes worse, you should seek professional assistance.

Store and boil drinking water – If your family decides to wait out the storm at home for a few hours they all will need drinking water. And in the worst-case scenario, a storm can keep you indoors for a few days without access to clean water, in which case you’ll need a bigger supply. Have an emergency water supply on hand at your residence for situations like the one just mentioned. Try to prepare your home by storing adequate water for each resident.

Until you are not certain your water is contaminated, boil the water for a minimum of 1-3 minutes before drinking to make it safe to consume. Use bottled water if in doubt.

Shut Off all Electrical Appliances – All electrical appliances close to the leak must be turned off in the case of a plumbing emergency. To avoid major malfunction or damage, it is crucial to cut off the electricity at the circuit breaker. If required, this entails shutting off your water heater as well as any other potential impacted equipment.

Call Professional Brea Plumbers – A plumbing problem might be an indication of impending big tragedy, which could happen in a matter of minutes. You have to have the number of an emergency plumber saved on your phone. As these accidents can happen all of a sudden, make sure you hire a plumber who is available 24/7. Before they arrive, a skilled plumber will ask you to access the leak and its position and will give suggestions on how to stop more damage from occurring. If the Brea plumber believes you can address the problem on your own, they may also provide the remedy.

Document the Damage – Having specific information on the state of your property during a plumbing disaster is crucial for insurance purposes as well as for professional plumbing objectives. Write down what you believe caused the damage and any flooding, as well as any actions you’ve made to stop the problem from growing worse. Take pictures of the damage using your camera or smartphone.

Why Choose our Brea Plumbers for emergencies ?

Call Cali’s Choice to arrange an inspection with a skilled repiping Brea plumber if you believe you are having issues with your plumbing following a natural catastrophe. Depending on what would be ideal for your system, we can repipe or repair a full house. We’ll help you understand your options and set safeguards in place for your plumbing and home.

Our Brea plumber has the necessary equipment and supplies to complete your plumbing task correctly. Our plumbers are skilled in spotting issues with a fast glance and solving them much more rapidly than it would take a novice to research the best solution. Almost everything may be handled by our professionals, including flood damage and water restoration as well as frozen pipes and clogged sewage lines. We prioritize the needs of the customer, and because we value transparency, there are no hidden fees or charges that aren’t mentioned up front.