How Regular Maintenance Extends The Life Expectancy Of Water Heater

Water Heater

Your water heater will last for much longer than expected if you perceive however it works and you or your plumber perform regular maintenance.

Our water heaters in our homes usually go ignored. They’re not one thing that we have a tendency to spend abundant time learning concerning or understanding the way to maintain them as we have a tendency to do with our AC units and alternate a lot of common home repairs.

Gas water heaters usually last between eight and twelve years with correct maintenance. Electrical water heaters last for ten to fifteen years after they are properly maintained.

It is true that today’s a lot of modern models of water heaters do last longer than the past models, however the correct quiet maintenance of the water heater is needed to induce the total quantity of years out of it.

Maintenance Tips that only ought to be done once:

There are lots of simple and fairly cheap ways to extend the period of your water heater.


To save yourself money down the road and much stress, take care to relinquish your water heater lots of space. Once selecting a district to own one put in, you’ll wish to make sure that there’s lots of free space around the system.


This gives you the best space for finishing routine maintenance checks of the system competently.

And giving the system this much-needed air to breathe will increase air flow and reduce the chance of fires. Once you discover the proper spot for it, keep any cleansing products or tools like vacuums, brooms, mops, and others far from the area.


Insulation ought to be put in round the pipes and also the heater itself.

Purchase pipe insulation that matches the water heater’s pipes long and diameter. Think about using a foam self-sticking insulation that’s 3/8 of an inch thick.

Use the insulation to cover both the cold water and hot water pipes. Cover the pipes back the maximum amount as you’ll. Throughout the summer, this keeps the pipes from sweating or forming condensation.

If the pipes are 6 inches or nearer to the flue, then you must use a 1-inch thick unfaced fiberglass pipe wrap and cover it with this.


Setting the temperature could be a fairly simple task to try and do and solely must be done just once.

However, if you’re coming up with being away from your home for an extended time, then it’d benefit you to regulate the temperature before you permit and place it back after you click.

To adjust the temperature setting on your electric water heater, take a screwdriver and unscrew the temperature dial cover set on the facet of the tank.

Once the cover is removed, use a flathead screwdriver to regulate the temperature setting to 120 degrees. You avoid wasting 5-hitter of energy price, lower your temperature ten degrees. Each 10 degrees that it’s down, you’ll be around 5-hitter.

When going away for an extended amount of your time, place the temperature to its lowest setting or shut it off till you come back home.

For a gas water heater, there’s a valve set on the outside. There you’ll realize a knob with settings that permit you to show it down or set it on “Vacation Mode,” that keeps solely the pilot list.


Adding an expansion tank to your water heater will greatly improve its life. This can be very true with water heaters that have closed systems. These closed systems don’t give flow into the water main.

Because of this, once the water expands, there’s obscurity for it to travel.

The constant changes in pressure place your water heater through abundant stress that eventually wears it down. Adding an expansion tank permits for the water to currently have an outlet, which suggests less stress on the system.


If you reside in a district where the mineral content is high within the water systems, then putting in a water softener would possibly facilitate expanding the period of your water heater.

When a district has high mineral content within the water, it’s referred to as hard water. Hard water could be an offender in decreasing the period of water heaters.

This is as a result of the mineral content leaving deposits within the water heater that cause them to have abundant issues before expected. Putting in a water softener helps scale back the chance of mineral content build up in your system.

Wrapping Up:

If your water heater is reaching the age of ten years or older, then it’s time to think about replacing it. You’ll wish to switch it sooner before later as a recent storage tank will cause serious issues or harm.

Following these simple steps is the best way to improve the recent water heater period of your system. Although the following pointers are fairly easy, they’ll be quite troublesome for somebody who isn’t an expert. If you need water heater repair Orange Country is therefore available for you 24×7.

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