A Buyers Guide On Essential Plumbing Tools

Plumbing Tools

Knowing if you’re buying the right plumbing tools can be hard when you’re a beginner, every plumbing tool has its own function. There is a wide range of plumbing tools available, it is always important to know the purpose of each tool you buy and use. Here we have created a brief guide on the essential plumbing tools you think you might need when going ahead with any plumbing jobs.

Basin Wrench

A basin wrench is used to turn fasteners that you might find difficult or even in some cases impossible to reach, you would not be able to reach these fasteners with any other kind of wrench. A basin wrench is designed to be able to fight these tight and confined areas that people find hard to reach. There is a wide range of basin wrenches available for different kinds of applications, which will make the job easier.

Pipe Benders

Pipe benders are an essential plumbing tool. This tool is used to bend different types of copper and stainless steel pipes, they are able to bend the pipes in any direction needed. This tool is useful to be able to bend pipes around objects and into various angles and curves. Pipe benders are a cheap and quick alternative to using fittings, which can also remove the risk of leaking joints.

Pipe Cutter

A pipe cutter is used to cut copper pipes, steel pipes, and iron pipes. There is a wide range of models and different-sized pipe cutters to choose from, each pipe cutter will be designed to cut a certain pipe material and should only be used on that particular material. A pipe cutter will give you a precise and clean cut, which you can then use with other fittings, to ensure a proper plumbing system.

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A plunger can be used by anyone. There are different types of plungers which are made for different plumbing situations, but this is a basic plumbing tool that everyone needs. A plunger is used to create hydraulic pressure which then dislodges and unclogs toilets, sinks, showers and baths. However an average everyday plunger should not be used to unblock a toilet, the right plunger for this a flange plunger, as this is designed to fit the shape of a toilet.

Channel-Type Pliers

Channel-type pliers, also now as slip-joint pliers, are a useful tool to undo fittings. This type of plier is very similar to regular pliers, the difference is that they have an extended adjustment section as well as angled jaws. This type of plier allows you to grip to pipes or any other plumbing parts of any size, with these pliers having a long handle it will provide you with lots of leverage to be able to work in small spaces.

Toilet Auger

A toilet auger is an important tool used to clear any clogs in your toilet, this long metal rod has the perfect bend to be able to reach into the hole of your toilet bowl. This tool is designed to protect the porcelain in the toilet from being scratched, as the metal bend is covered with a rubber sleeve. To use this tool you push and rotate, which snakes it through and into your clog.


Hopefully you have all the right information needed to get started on creating your plumbing tool kit, if you are considering buying any other tools that are not on this list then we would suggest doing your homework beforehand. Ensuring you have the right tools is crucial for a successful plumbing project. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional plumber, everyone will need these essentials.