Everything you need to Know about the Eames DSW chair

DSW chair

The brainchild of Bernice Alexandra ‘Ray’ Eames and Charles Ormond Eames, furniture designers by profession is Eames DSW chair. To make sure that the maximum number of people got access to the best possible products was their main motto as furniture designers. In fact, nothing else ever came to close and circulating in mind the plastic chairs were their best products. Capable of being molded in such a way so as to fit the contours of the human body it was for years that this duo of designers was engrossed with the idea of making a one-piece seat shell. During the 1940s with a wide range of materials such as sheet aluminum and plywood they experimented.

Disappointing Results

These tests never yielded any satisfactory outcome as such. For alternative materials they then looked and it is this search that leading them to glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin was this search. The duo made full use of the advantages that it offered and was able to understand how helpful the material was. It could be molded and was rigid yet it as well. As far as methods used in the manufacturing industry were concerned it was suitable and had pleasing tactile qualities as well.

A new Aspect of Eames DSW chair

Unknown to the furniture industry this material was hitherto. Needed for production on a serial basis the Eames wife and husband were able to develop successfully the shell designs. Organized by Museum of Modern Art they debuted in 1948 at a competition named Low-Cost Furniture Design. In 1950 plastic Side Chair (S-shell) and Plastic Armchair (A-shell) were launched. Produced on a mass scale as far as the history of furniture is concerned Eames DSW chair happens to be the first plastic chairs. To the typology of furniture the plastic chairs of Eames brought something absolutely new.

The multi functional chair

With the intention of serving a wide range of purposes they created the multi functional chair that possessed a shell that could be fitted with various bases. In fact, helping in creating different sitting positions in the early part of 1950 Ray and Charles Eames also created a wide variety of bases. One of the various exceptional models thus created is Eiffel Tower Base. Its design is intricate and graceful at the same time. Offering a mind-blowing combination of forms that are elegant and light at the same time and functional strength it is made of steel wire.

Current improvements

These days, highly comfortable, to say the least furniture-makers are coming up with seat shells. With materials such as polypropylene these are plastic armchairs and side chairs. To choose from these chairs offer a wide array of shell colors, upholstery options and bases.