How to Hack the Spring Cleaning Game

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time to give your house a big cleanup. Do you want to know how to best deal with the spring cleaning? Then read on the tips quickly. Great Spring Cleaning Do Step-by-Step:

1. Make a Planning For Your Spring Cleaning

Planning is a must if you want to tackle your spring cleaning efficiently. If you start without planning, chances are that you do jobs in an awkward order, forget things and become demotivated if it does not appear to be shooting.

First make a list with all the jobs that you want to have done. Share this preferably in per room. Also make a distinction between large and small cleaning jobs, so that you can plan small jobs on days that you also have other obligations and the larger jobs on days when you are free.

Few days left? Then divide the big jobs into smaller steps. Then plan all jobs. Do not make your planning too tight and also plan some days of intervention. This way you ensure that you actually maintain the planning and that you remain motivated.

2. Cleaning per room

Pack one room at a time. This way you prevent yourself being busy at the same time everywhere and chores are not finished in the end. The satisfaction you get when you have a room radiantly clean, gives you a good motivation boost to tackle other rooms. Do you have large rooms or do you have to do a lot in a room? Focus first on a part of the room or a certain job in the room. For example, cleaning up the play corner or cleaning the walls.

3. Use a Storage Basket During Spring Cleaning

If you take everything to the room where it belongs at the time of cleaning up, you will continue to walk back and forth unnecessarily. Therefore use a basket where you put all the stuff that does not belong in the room where you are working. Once you are ready in the room concerned, you can use the basket to take all things to their place. You can of course also use a bag, small container or crate.

4. Empty the room during the big cleaning

Be thorough with your spring cleaning. A little bit of cleaning things and moving around here and there does not stop. Do you give the kitchen a big cleanup? Then empty your kitchen counter and all cupboards. Do you take the bathroom? Then put all the stuff in the corridor first. The same applies to all other jobs. Here, too, a basket or crate is useful for moving small items.

5. Great Clearance During Spring Cleaning

A large cleaning is not complete without a big clean-up. So look for the items you have in your home per room. Do away everything you no longer use. The less stuff in the house, the easier it is to keep your house tidy. This works the easiest when you empty the cabinets and then sort everything in three or four bins: keep, throw away, give away and / or sell. Here you can add a doubt box, for items that you want to think about or discuss what you want to discuss. Also pick up your pantry and check the shelf life data for all items.

6. Bowls And Basket

If you are still looking for all your stuff, you can immediately sort all items you want to keep in storage boxes, trays and baskets. This makes it a lot easier to keep your cabinets clean and organized.

7. Make Use of the Sun During Spring Cleaning

Our grandmothers did not have their blankets, carpets and pillows in the sun for nothing. The sun helps to fight fungi, bacteria, dust mites, moisture and unpleasant odors. Let your things air outside on sunny days. Do not forget your mattress.

8. Jobs you do not Want To Forget During The Big Cleaning

Usually you do not usually get to these jobs. Therefore, take them during your spring cleaning. To empty and clean all cabinets (shoe, clothes, storage cabinets);

• Cleaning lamps;

• Cleaning carpets (or having them cleaned);

• Clean curtains / clean luxaflex or slats;

• Cleaning walls;

• Wash pillows and duvets;

• Cleaning under furniture and appliances;

• Thoroughly clean the washing machine;

• Clean the hood thoroughly and replace filter if necessary;

• Clean telephones, computers and laptops thoroughly;

• Clean freezer (read more about this: Freezer Smother Defrost );

• Put furniture in the wash / oil;

• Pick out, update and organize administration;

• Clean up and clean the garage.

Conclusion: Preparation is half the work.

Prepare yourself well! Breakfast good first and put your favorite music on. If you are really ready to start, walk around your house and make a list of what you want to clean per room. Determine your personal focus for this spring: Do you want to focus on electronic equipment or do you go for shiny windows in every room? If you are going to try to do everything, you will not feel like halfway through your house and you will lose heart. So, no matter how difficult it is, choose a number of important points and do not try to do everything!


Image Credit: Peter Dazeley via Getty Images